Office Space Plans

  • Likely to have a period of 6-12 months without a centralized office location.

  • This means try to meet clients at coffee shops (or wherever they’d prefer), ideally closer to their homes so it’s most convenient for them. You can meet at their home IF THEY OFFER, or at your home if your house is clean and appropriate for meeting.

  • We will provide up to $10 reimbursement per meeting, so that you can offer to buy clients coffee. Take a photo of the receipt and text it to 518-328-3654 or email it to  

  • If brought up, explain to clients that we no longer need all the space in the office, and we’d rather put all that extra money into making events better.


Dress Code Guidelines

Definition of formal: Button down dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, suit jacket, belt or suspenders, TIE OR BOWTIE, preferably a pocket square. Jeans are not acceptable, yoga pants are not acceptable, sneakers are not acceptable (unless they are fashion sneakers during dance time), going without a tie or bowtie is not acceptable.

In general you want to be a half a notch more formal than guests. Don’t be overly flashy. Keep your clothes ironed and clean.

Color schemes: Black, white, or blue. Must have some blue on. Coordinate with your team to try to look together as possible (ex. If you are wearing a black shirt with blue tie, have your assistant wear a black a shirt with blue tie. If you are wearing a white shirt, have your assistant wear a white shirt).

EXCEPTION TO THIS: If the party has a theme, like a costume party, you can go outside the bounds of this color scheme. Do not try to match the groomsmen or the wedding color, this does not count as a theme.

Same goes for Photo Booth.

Ladies in Photo Booth may wear dresses, but keep them formal and conservative. You’re not going out to the club, and you’re not trying to draw a lot of attention to yourself.

Ladies in DJ Division may not wear dresses because we need to be very mobile and a dress is not conducive to that.


Banquet Manager Interaction


  • We are guests in their house

  • We rely on them a lot for referrals, so be very nice, and easy to work with

  • In my six years of DJing, I have never once had to tell a banquet manager flat out no. Handle timeline discrepancies like you would with a client, where you may politely give your opinion but make it clear it is ultimately their call (BECAUSE IT ULTIMATELY IS).

  • If the banquet manager wants something you know the bride doesn’t, say something along the lines of “I’m down for whatever, I know the bride specifically asked to do this though. Could you just clear it by her really quick so I don't look like I'm ignoring her plans?”

  • SEND TIMELINES IN ADVANCE to avoid a lot of problems. You should email the timeline as soon as you finish final planning.

  • Make sure you’re loading in the right place (ask where they prefer you to load in)

  • Go wherever they ask you to setup for DJ or Photo Booth, don’t fight them if it’s clear they have a strong preference.

  • Clean up before you leave! At a bare minimum, make sure your garbage is in a tiny, easy to clean pile. Don’t make the banquet staff pickup after you.


Positive Attitude on Events

  • We must all maintain a consistently positive attitude towards clients, guests, banquet staff, other cool cat staff.
  • It is our JOB to create a positive atmosphere. We’ll do that better if we’re positive with each other.
  • If you pretty much ever have a very negative attitude on an event, and especially if it's a pattern of negativity, you are in the wrong industry.
  • If negativity has something to do with company or staff come to me, but don’t show it on events. If it has something to do with your personal life, you still gotta hide it if you’re on an event.
  • Don’t check out because it’s a “bad crowd” them over any way possible. Show effort. Not a lot of dancing does NOT mean you can’t win the crowd over other ways.


Contacting assistants before the event

Should be a phone call if possible. Leads, this is ultimately your responsibility, but assistants can help out too. Chat about attire, the event, times, confirm location, etc.

Assistants, don’t just show up

Look at the planning, chat with the lead about it before the event. Bonus points if are printing planning...if you want to advance in this job, you should be doing these sorts of things. If anything ever happened to the lead, you need to be able to keep the show running.

Defining Client Contact

First thing to do should be a phone call. Let them hear your voice. Just sending an email is too impersonal. Leave a voicemail if necessary, then shoot an email. All about building that relationship as soon as possible.

Make sure you’re good with email!

We’ve gotten some complaints recently, so make sure your email is being checked regularly. Getting it attached to your phone is helpful (contact me if you need help with this).

What clients are expecting from us (how we sell our services)


  • great at song selection and mixing

  • polished MCs, that are not PUSHY or CHEESY. Authentic and personable.

  • great planners that make timelines and help keep the day on track. Great LISTENERS.

  • backup equipment.


Photo Booth:

  • You should be using Pic Pic Social...if you don’t use it on an event, we need to be able to give the client a specific reason for why it was not used.

  • Engaging and fun Photo Booth attendants


Best review by end of May gets free dinner + drinks

Go the extra mile to the best reviews. Best review by the end of May, I will take that event team out to dinner and drinks anywhere you wanna go.